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A new South African brand: Espoir Equestrian

In 2016 we had the amazing opportunity to visit South Africa on horseback together with the team of African Horse Safaris. Galopping together with the zebra’s, staring at a group of giraffes and standing in front of a bunch of rhino’s with little calfs. This is still one of our all time favorite travel destinations.

As always memories fades, but we want to keep them alive as long as possible. Time to bring some South African vibes into your wardrobe!

During one of our business travels, we’ve met Carolyn van Schalkwyk, te managing director and creative brain behind the South African clothing brand “Espoir Equestrian”.

The Espoir collection reminds me of our travel journey. The lightweight longsleeved sunstoppers remind me of our 6 hours trail rides in the sun and the prints and colors remind me of how equestrians worlwide are connected, no matter in which continent they reside.

The quality of all the products in Espoir is absolutely outstanding. We are very proud to offer you the Espoir collection in our shop. Take a look, get inspired and imagine yourself galopping towards the South African sunset.

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