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Equestrian Lifestyle turns 5

Our very first official business day dated from 26th of february 2014. Time really does fly even though that sounds so cliche. Even though we've been doing this for 5 years, really it’s been 3 years that we’ve been doing it full-time and I honestly can’t imagine my life without making my own schedule and being my own boss - it really has been life changing.

Now everything falls into place after the start-up struggles, copy-cats and angry-birds moments, it's time to give ourselves a little more stress and create our next business move: Equestrian Lifestyle Shop.

It's challenging to dress stylish during your equestrian adventures. We all know there is nothing glamorous on being covered in horsehair, sweat and dust. Neither are we mucking out the stables on high heels. Our aim is to collect a classy, chique and wearable collection for you to shop. With a touch of glamour of course.

We' ve chosen brands we love and like to wear ourselves. Brands who represent our daily lifestyle. We hope you will love them as well.

Happy Shopping!

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