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Tech transforming the equine world

Horsesport is a challenging sport, which is constantly evolving. Thanks to the use of technology, we can measure and optimize the performance of our horses.

As a horse owner, there’s one word you really don’t want to hear from your vet: tendon injury. Game over and a long way to go on the equine rehabilitation road.

Luckily technology can also be a great help in the process of recovery.

We were intrigued about the company Incrediwear Equine. A company that provides products to reduce swelling, prevent injury and last but not least have an icing effect.

But does it really work?

We have tested the products on several horses during 3 months. The hoof socks are easy to put on and horses are fine with them during training. We have noticed that the technology inside the product has a positive effect on the horses. It stimulates the blood circulation and optimize performance. After the training you can leave the socks on and simply wet them. Now the icing effect starts working for about 45 minutes.

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